Game Jam - Fall 08 #2

2008-12-07 01:39:27 by XBigTK13X

A club at PRI hosts a programming challenge once a semester. For some odd reason they held a second one this semester, and I was lucky enough to find out about it and enter. The theme was "Eating" and the time allotted for game creation was 8 hours. My produced game can be found below:

Gorge Off!

Busy Busy Busy

2008-06-26 20:39:27 by XBigTK13X

Hey All,

Been so busy lately that I never posted about SPS being brought back online.


SPS is Down

2008-06-14 11:06:28 by XBigTK13X

I'm moving Simple Path Studios to a new host. Should be down for no longer than a few days.

Carom Has Landed!

2008-05-30 19:28:55 by XBigTK13X

Hey Everyone,

In the time it took me to get through the day, Carom has already received a Blue Level score and been added to the front page! Awesome =). Anyway, I've been really busy with school lately, and that has taken away from a lot of my development time. As an example, I haven't been able to touch the Denvish tribute app. in months. I'd like to get started on it, but I just seem to busy to be coding indy freeware.
In any case, I'm getting some GREAT feedback about Carom. Expect a sequel ;-).

Carom Has Been Sponsored

2008-05-14 07:07:06 by XBigTK13X

Hello Everybody!

Its been a long time since I last posted about the tribute application to the Great Denvish. Sadly, I needed some funding and have been working like a beast on other projects since then. I'm happy to announce that on top of other projects, my latest flash game called "Carom" has been selected for sponsorship and I'm nearing the end of the process needed to finalize the deal. Once that is complete, I'll be placing the game on NG first, and then Kongregate. Keep an eye out ;-).

Hey All,

So way back when I announced an app. in honor of Denvish's departue was underway. Every day since I was swamped with work, but today I finally had time to get back to it. It is around 80% complete at this point, and if I grab one more solid day of time to work, it shall finally be finished. Still not willing to risk leaking the details JUST yet. However, I might be able to get it out before Feb....and hopefully no later than Valentine's Day.

In other news, I recently recoded my website,, from the bottom up and gave it brand new graphics. However, I might still play around with some different graphics I throw together and see what look I like best.


New Application Coming Soon...

2007-12-06 07:04:33 by XBigTK13X

Hey Everyone Here at Newgrounds,

I don't want to leak too much info. here just yet, but the sad news of Denvish leaving Newgrounds hit me in a soft spot back when I first heard, being a massive ActionScript Freak. In an ode to the great admin, I've decided to develop a little application exclusive to the Newgrounds community. It shouldn't be too much longer before it is completed. Keep an eye out ^_^.